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"It's better to 
light a candle

than curse the darkness"

Singer-songwriter, Logan Dunbar, severs the emotional discord of suffering through his lush melodies and painfully vulnerable lyrics. 


Though on the surface his demeanor appears calm, beneath you’ll find a well of struggle that’s subtly exposed and simultaneously liberated through his songwriting. Using his stories to shed the sorrow of inevitable heartbreak, physical assault, and the ever-crippling question of ‘why?’ as a means to show that it's ok to be vulnerable; To be a light on this path when it is so easy to retreat to the dark.  


Logan creates captivating soundscapes to get you to feel once again. Drawing from influences such as City & Colour, Death Cab For Cutie, Bon Iver, and Radiohead he creatively plumbs the depths of unabashed, raw emotion to deliver soul-stirring songs of love, loss, discovery and death as a reminder that there’s always a silver-lining in the solum. 


Currently, Logan is releasing his debut album in Louisville, KY. These will be released in two separate EP's: 'Curse The Darkness'  & 'Light A Candle' to tell two narratives that interweave but also needed their own independence. Light A Candle EP is the more philosophical, question raising collection of songs that look at the dark side of life with the glass half full. Curse The Darkness EP has more of a painfully therapeutic quality to allow the past stay in the past all the while knowing everything played out as it should. Together though they all tell stories to get the listener to feel again; to somehow find a quality of contentment with vulnerability. So would you rather ‘Light A Candle’ or ‘Curse The Darkness’? 

Special thanks to Ben Short (bass), Brent Mathis (lead guitar), Brenden Shultz (keys), Dylana Nalley (backup vox), Fern Kaitlin Rae (vox), Heidi-Joy Stenson (accordion, piano) & Lamar Cornett (drums, percussion).

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